Gakuen Babysitters

Gakuen Babysitters

学園ベビーシッターズ / School Babysitters

Gakuen Babysitters (学園ベビーシッターズ / School Babysitters)
Rating: 8.31 / 106
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Authors: Hari Tokeino
Type: Manga
Status: Ongoing
Date started: 24 Sep 2009
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Gakuen Babysitters
学園ベビーシッターズ / School Babysitters

Ryuuichi Kashima has always taken care of his little brother Kotarou due to their parents traveling most of the time. After the Kashimas suddenly die in a plane crash, an elderly woman named Youko Morinomiya offers to become the brothers' guardian until they both become adults. It turns out that she lost her son and daughter-in-law in the same tragedy. The teenage Ryuuichi can also attend the school where Youko works as chairwoman, on one condition: he must be part of the "babysitting club," which serves as a place to look after the children of professors. At first, it may seem like a rough start for Ryuuichi, but with the help of his classmate Hayato Kamitani and many others, he will experience novel adventures with the children in the club. [Written by MAL Rewrite]