Yuru Yuri

Yuru Yuri

Yuru Yuri / ゆるゆり / Yuruyuri

Yuru Yuri (Yuru Yuri / ゆるゆり / Yuruyuri)
Rating: 8.25 / 45
Views: 184
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Authors: Namori
Type: Manga
Status: Ongoing
Date started: 18 Jun 2008
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Yuru Yuri
Yuru Yuri / ゆるゆり / Yuruyuri

Four mischievous girls illegally occupy the former Traditional Tea Ceremony clubroom, in order to create the "Amusement Club." These scamps...who ignore repeated warnings—in direct rebellion with the righteous directives of the Student Council—decide to remain in the room until they finally get off their bums and do something! In this slightly sluggish manga, full of fits and starts, the four girls set off from their homes for a walk together with days full of a little this and that!♪ (Source: JManga)