Oukoku Game

Oukoku Game

王国ゲェム / Kingdom Game

Oukoku Game (王国ゲェム / Kingdom Game)
Rating: 6.6 / 36
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Type: Manga
Status: Completed
Date started: 27 Apr 2013
Date completed: 27 Jul 2018
Volumes: 5
Chapters: 33
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Oukoku Game
王国ゲェム / Kingdom Game

At the end of Meiji Restoration, a girl saint was crucified and burnt alive under persecution. A century later, Katori and six childhood friends are summoned to her world beyond the nirvana, where they receive the Great Commission: Build a kingdom, and make disciples of all nations. At every midnight, each of them are randomly given a role out of King/Queen, Noble, and Peasants. As the lowly must obey a higher-up in the hierarchy, can they fight and defeat other nations to conquer the world—before infighting brought up by their own hidden desires breaks them apart? (Source: MU)