White Blood

White Blood

Unholy Blood / 화이트 블러드

White Blood (Unholy Blood / 화이트 블러드)
Rating: 7.96 / 49
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Authors: Lina Im
Type: Manga
Status: Ongoing
Date started: 15 Jan 2020
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White Blood
Unholy Blood / 화이트 블러드

Ten years ago, the world changed after the appearance of vampires—beings of immeasurable strength and endless bloodlust. With no way to distinguish them apart from humans, these entities recklessly slaughter people to fulfill their selfish desires. Orphan Park Hayan has always wanted a normal life: to keep her siblings safe from any potential danger and be able to find friends as a college student. But with the rise in vampire attacks, she fears that her life may crumble as traumatic memories return to haunt her. After a tragic accident makes her a target for the "Angels of Death," an underground organization ruled by the most powerful vampires, Hayan decides to confront her past and partners up with Euntae Hwang, a member of the police force who is more than meets the eye. Her plan to eradicate every vampire begins here. [Written by MAL Rewrite]