Ijousha no Ai

Ijousha no Ai

異常者の愛 / An Abnormal Person's Love

Ijousha no Ai (異常者の愛 / An Abnormal Person's Love)
Rating: 6.03 / 39
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Authors: Daisuke Chida
Type: Manga
Status: Completed
Date started: 01 Apr 2017
Date completed: 08 Sep 2018
Volumes: 6
Chapters: 74
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Ijousha no Ai
異常者の愛 / An Abnormal Person's Love

Kazumi Ichinose's first love was brutally killed before his very eyes. Blood pooled around her lifeless body, her eyes vacantly stared into nothing, and her murderer laughed over the fresh carcass in glee. Though they were all only in elementary school, the perpetrator was Saki Midou, a girl whose timid and sweet appearance belied a vicious and lovesick killer. Though Midou was detained, this event scarred Kazumi, causing him to gradually shut himself out from the world. Now in high school, he has only two friends, one of whom is the lively and cheerful Shino Yotsuya. Through her hard work and honest feelings, Yotsuya is able to break through the barrier Kazumi built around himself, but their budding relationship marks the start of a harrowing future. Midou's obsession led her to murder all those years ago, and it seems history may be repeating itself. She is out to prove that Kazumi's heart belongs to her alone, no matter who stands in her way, and even Kazumi himself may not be safe from her twisted rendition of "love." [Written by MAL Rewrite]