Pochama ni

Pochama ni

ぽちゃまに / Anata Jikan

Pochama ni (ぽちゃまに / Anata Jikan)
Rating: 7.53 / 36
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Authors: Kaname Hirama
Type: Manga
Status: Completed
Date started: 19 Nov 2011
Date completed: 26 Apr 2017
Volumes: 8
Chapters: 46
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Pochama ni
ぽちゃまに / Anata Jikan

Mugi is a chubby girl with a kind spirit and beautiful smile. She is comfortable with her weight, but thought that she would never have the opportunity to fall in love. When she meets Tagami, a boy who is a "pochama," or someone who likes soft and squishy things, love has a chance to blossom, and Mugi comes to realize that she loves herself as is. Included one-shot: Volume 2: Anata Jikan