Sensei Lock On!

Sensei Lock On!

Lock-on the Teacher! / 先生ロックオン!

Sensei Lock On! (Lock-on the Teacher! / 先生ロックオン!)
Rating: 6.94 / 47
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Type: Manga
Status: Completed
Date started: 11 Apr 2012
Date completed: 10 Oct 2015
Volumes: 2
Chapters: 35
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Sensei Lock On!
Lock-on the Teacher! / 先生ロックオン!

Meet Kadokura Kyouko, grade school teacher, 33 years old, single. She has a gentle and caring personality and loves her job. Unfortunately she is only popular with her pupils, so her prospects of ever getting married seem... grim. And Yamato Kazuki, university student, 20 years old, future goals: marrying Kyouko, becoming an astronaut(?). He's been in love with Kyouko ever since she became his homeroom teacher in 4th grade. Now finally an adult and having enough money to buy a ring, he decides to propose to her and she—in some way or other—agrees to become his girlfriend. But even though theoretically a couple now, their teacher-student relationship doesn't seem to have changed much. What will become of this unlikely pair? (Source: Ciel Scans)